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Multisak simplifies your life with your dog

Hands FREE, Mess FREE, Care FREE

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Welcome To Freeplay Dog Accessories!

FREEPLAY Dog Accessories designs and manufactures a range of dog accessories that takes into consideration both the owners needs and those around them.

We also strive to improve the welfare of the animal which in turn improves everyone’s happiness and the joy of owning a dog.

FREEPLAY Dog Accessories includes a range of functional dog products including the revolutionary multisak™ available in a range of colours.

FREEPLAY Dog Accessories puts the FUN back into owning a dog without losing responsibility and respect for our environment and the community.

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Who’s using it?

“I’ll never go back to my sudo-dog walking purse now that I have a Multisak”
Kimberly Morris Gauthier, Keep The Tail Waggaing
“The Multisak’s spacious design fits so many things that I don’t even need to take a handbag on walks.”
Kimberly Marie Freeman, City Dog Expert